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The 5/6 Boys team is full and now on a WAIT LIST for the 2024 season! Please email [email protected] for details.

IBW Youth Lacrosse


Frequently Asked Questions

 Who can join?

Any girl in the First - Eighth grade who is in the Wilson High School cluster.  Teams are separated by grade with 2 age bands playing on the same team:  1/2  grade, 3/4 grade, 5/6 grade and 7/8 grade 

 Is Girls Lacrosse a contact sport, like Boys lacrosse?

No.  Contact is Not allowed in Girls Lacrosse.  Stick checking below the shoulder (stick to stick; not stick to body) is only allowed at the highest level 7/8.  Direct physical contact is not allowed and all contact is closely watched by coaches and referees to keep the players safe.

 I have never played lacrosse.  Can I sign up?

YES!  You are never too old to learn the game of lacrosse.  Wilson Girls Youth Lacrosse takes players at all levels and abilities.

 What Essential Gear do I need?

  • Women's lacrosse stick (mid-price is fine, make sure it is a women's stick, not a men's)

  • Women's lacrosse wire eye goggles (check for a comfortable fit)

  • Custom moldable mouth guard (at least two, without helmet attachment piece, cannot be clear or white NO mouth guards with white teeth only solid colors allowed)  ** Please see information regarding Garfinkles Orthodontics custom fitting below **

  • Black soccer style shorts or skort (black leggings for cold weather too)

  • Soccer or football style cleats (no spikes)

  • Ankle-length sports socks (they will get very dirty)

  • Game jersey (provided by team, do not wear to practice)

  • Water bottle (with water) for practices and games

    Optional Gear which is nice to have but not required?

  • 2 or 3 yellow lacrosse balls (for home use, do not bring to practice)

  • Black long-sleeve "moisture-wicking" undershirt

  • Close fitting sports gloves (not padded, optional, but good for when it is cold)

  • Knit hat for cold weather

  • Lightweight rain jacket

  • Wind pants (optional, but good for when it’s cold)

  • Gear bag to hold all this stuff!

Where can I find lacrosse equipment?

Any sporting goods store in town:  Dick’s, Bigfoot Lacrosse or Play It Again Sports just to name a few.  Often a “beginner’s package” will be offered which you may want to consider and don’t forget to look for those spring sports coupons for discounts.

Will Garfinkle Orthodontics offer a complimentary custom mouthguard again this year?
Yes!  Garfinkles Orthodontics has generously offered to provide a complimentary mouthguard and fitting to all Wilson youth lacrosse players.  Come to Garfinkle Orthodontics anytime between 3:00 and 5:00 on Tuesday, February 25th to have your complimentary custom mouthguard made. 

Can I purchase Wilson Girls Youth Lacrosse swag?




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