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Frequently Asked Questions

 Who can join?

Any girl in the First - Eighth grade who is in the Wilson High School cluster.  Teams are separated by grade with 2 age bands playing on the same team:  1/2  grade, 3/4 grade, 5/6 grade and 7/8 grade 

 Is Girls Lacrosse a contact sport, like Boys lacrosse?

No.  Contact is Not allowed in Girls Lacrosse.  Stick checking below the shoulder (stick to stick; not stick to body) is only allowed at the highest level 7/8.  Direct physical contact is not allowed and all contact is closely watched by coaches and referees to keep the players safe.

 I have never played lacrosse.  Can I sign up?

YES!  You are never too old to learn the game of lacrosse.  Wilson Girls Youth Lacrosse takes players at all levels and abilities.

 What Essential Gear do I need?

  • Women's lacrosse stick (mid-price is fine, make sure it is a women's stick, not a men's)

  • Women's lacrosse wire eye goggles (check for a comfortable fit)

  • Custom moldable mouth guard (at least two, without helmet attachment piece, cannot be clear or white NO mouth guards with white teeth only solid colors allowed)  ** Please see information regarding Garfinkles Orthodontics custom fitting below **

  • Black soccer style shorts or skort (black leggings for cold weather too)

  • Soccer or football style cleats (no spikes)

  • Ankle-length sports socks (they will get very dirty)

  • Game jersey (provided by team, do not wear to practice)

  • Water bottle (with water) for practices and games

    Optional Gear which is nice to have but not required?

  • 2 or 3 yellow lacrosse balls (for home use, do not bring to practice)

  • Black long-sleeve "moisture-wicking" undershirt

  • Close fitting sports gloves (not padded, optional, but good for when it is cold)

  • Knit hat for cold weather

  • Lightweight rain jacket

  • Wind pants (optional, but good for when it’s cold)

  • Gear bag to hold all this stuff!

 Where can I find lacrosse equipment?

Any sporting goods store in town:  Dick’s, Bigfoot Lacrosse or Play It Again Sports just to name a few.  Often a “beginner’s package” will be offered which you may want to consider and don’t forget to look for those spring sports coupons for discounts.

Will Garfinkle Orthodontics offer a complimentary custom mouthguard again this year?
Yes!  Garfinkles Orthodontics has generously offered to provide a complimentary mouthguard and fitting to all Wilson youth lacrosse players.  Come to Garfinkle Orthodontics anytime between 3:30 and 5:00 on Thursday, February 22nd to have your complimentary custom mouthguard made. 

 What days does Wilson Girls Youth Lacrosse practice?

Practice is held twice weekly on Tuesday and Thursday for 3/4, 5/6 and 7/8.   The 1/2 team generally only practices 1 day per week on either Tuesday or Thursday (which day will be determined pending the coach’s availability).

 When does the season start and finish?

The lacrosse season generally runs from early March to about the first week in June for 5/6 and 7/8 and the last week of May for 1/2 and 3/4. 

Dates for the 2018 season:

  • 3/6/18 Field Practice Starts for 5/6 and 7/8 age groups.

  • 3/19/17 Field Practice Starts for 3/4

  • 3/19/17 Field Practice Starts for 1/2

  • 4/1/17 First Games of the Season

  • 5/15/17 Midweek Games may begin

 What time is practice?

The times posted below are general times for practice and can vary slightly due to coach available and/or daylight saving which falls on March 11th for the 2018 season:

  • 1/2 5:00-6:00

  • 3/4 5:30-6:45

  • 5/6 5:30-7:00 building to longer times as we have more daylight; never later than 7:30

  • 7/8 5:30-7:00 building to longer times as we have more daylight; never later than 7:30

 Where is practice held?

Practice is held on the fields in the Wilson area

 When are games scheduled?

  • Games are generally held on Saturday in and around the Portland Metro area. 

  • We play approximately 10 games, home and away. 

  • Our home field is Wilson High School.

  • Some years we have traveled to Hood River to play, but in those cases we always schedule more than one game to make it worth the travel distance.

  • Each year we usually schedule 1-2 games during midweek which we try for a Tuesday or Thursday instead of our scheduled practice.  These midweek games occur only after the High School playing season has finished.

 When does the game schedule get posted?

  • Our schedule of games should be finalized and posted around March 31st

  • There may be times during the season when unavoidable changes to the schedule occur. 

  • If changes happen, families are notified immediately.   

 Do you play Lacrosse in the rain?

YES!  So dress appropriately, but lacrosse is NEVER played if there is a chance of lightning.

 Where can I get more information?

There will be an informational meeting for new parents and players held on Thursday, February 22nd at 7PM in the Wilson High School cafeteria.     

 Can I “try out” lacrosse before I join?

  • Due to inclement weather, the FREE Beginner’s Clinic on Sunday, February 25th, 2018 has been canceled.  We hope to reschedule for mid-March.

  • This clinic is for new players only.

  • No gear is required, but if you have a stick, please bring it.  Otherwise, we’ll have a stick you can borrow for the clinic.

 Can I purchase Wilson Girls Youth Lacrosse swag?

YES!  After the season is underway, there will be the opportunity to purchase Wilson team apparel such as t-shirts and sweatshirts.



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